Episode #16 / Former Cincinnati Bengals Running Back Ickey Woods

Former Cincinnati Bengals running back Ickey Woods shuffles into Tailgate Radio to discuss his Super Bowl experience as a rookie in the NFL, his renewed popularity from his appearance in the wildly popular Geico commercials and the special work he is doing with the Jovante Woods Foundation. Also, Sho Funaki returns from Japan to deliver his newest Funaki Top Five and his prognostication of this weekend’s NFL games.


Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

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Website report for www.unl.edu

…helps relieve stress.Campus Reaching out to students at a football tailgate event, ambassadors introduced foursquare to a ton of new users, including Greek Life to share with other members of their… Read more: http://ift.tt/13QNVUg #TailgateRadio